Say Goodbye to High Energy Costs with a High Efficiency Boiler

Baxi combi boilers are a home heating and tankless domestic hot water system that does everything a conventional furnace and storage tank do, but at much greater efficiency and in a small space. Ask your architect or contractor how a Baxi wall mounted high efficiency boiler can save you money on your central heating bills and provide on demand hot water for your home.

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Hydronic Heating System

The introduction of higher efficiency and more compact hydronic heating equipment is bringing North America closer to European high acceptance for wall-hung boiler technology. Substantial savings in fuel consumption, utility bills and space make wall-hung boilers such as the Baxi Luna line a compelling choice for both new and retrofit applications.

Baxi Certified Contractor

BAXI Certified Contractors and Service Technicians throughout North America gain 24/7 access to our technical and sales support resources. Product certification is another way we sustain BAXI's global leadership in providing quality, safe and reliable heating solutions.

Wallhung Boilers

Our smallest boilers are the Baxi Luna HT 380 and Luna HT 1.33. These two units are identical in all technical respects and both are approved for installation in a closet, with a very small footprint (measuring less than 18" wide by less than 14" deep and about 30" tall). The key difference between them is that the HT 380 is a combi unit - it works both to provide on-demand hot water and central heating - while the HT 1.33 is a boiler for central heating only. Either wallhung boiler will provide your home with energy efficient, environmentally friendly service.

High Efficiency Gas Boiler

Marathon offers a complete product line of Baxi tankless boiler solutions that provide energy-efficient, eco-friendly heating and on demand hot water. Products include modulating condensing and near-condensing wallhung boilers, solar water heating systems, storage tanks and radiators.


Marathon International is the official North American distributor of Baxi Luna wall hung residential boilers, for whole house central heating and instantaneous hot water.

Combi Boiler

Combination (or combi) boilers are the most popular type of boiler for gas central heating and domestic hot water in the UK, and have been gaining traction in North America over the last few decades by virtue of their energy efficiency, reliability, durability, ease of use and now their whisper-quiet operation. As a tankless system, a combi boiler only heats water when it is needed. Wide modulation ranges ensure smooth operation and lower energy bills.

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