Say Goodbye to High Energy Costs with a High Efficiency Boiler


Baxi takes it commitment to high performance and safety to a higher level with the Luna Duo-Tech combi boiler and its gas-adaptive, self-calibrating technology. On setup, the boiler detects whether the source of gas is natural gas or propane - a safety measure that is verified by the installer. Then the built-in controller establishes the optimal parameters for efficient operation, and repeats this self-calibration throughout its life, for the most consistent performance.   The burner on a conventional hot water tank fires for 15 to 20 minutes every hour of the day just to maintain a standing volume of hot water at 130-140 degrees. The more energy efficient solution is an on demand hot water system that heats the water when you need it and not when you don't.  

The Baxi Luna boiler system is a powerful, instantaneous, small, quiet, energy cost saving and environmentally friendly domestic appliance that offers:

  • Fuel savings from 38% to 53% a year.
  • Endless hot water production at 3.3 to 3.9 US gallons per minute.
  • Space savings from 100 sq ft down to 6 sq ft.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Direct vent technology. No chimney needed.
  • Sealed combustion.
  • Heating outputs from 35,000 BTu's up to 105,000 BTu's.
  • The flexibility to be incorporated into any hydronic system. i.e. radiant floor heating, baseboard radiators, wall radiators and air handlers.

In the face of uncertain energy pricing, this revolutionary tankless water heater system is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for energy cost-conscious and environmentally concerned homeowners across Canada.   If you are an architect, an engineer or a designer who is investigating the suitability of boilers for central heating in your upcoming projects, we have a valuable resource available through a simple registration process. Sign up now for free access to up-to-date Baxi technical drawings and bulletins, as well as case histories about successful residential and commercial applications.  

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John Wilkinson, President of Rockport Construction Services (Toronto, Ontario) says:
"You can install the Baxi Luna anywhere, because it is so compact and so quiet. During the design stage of construction, I highly recommend that builders consider a closet installation. It can free up premium living space, and eliminate mechanical room and bulkhead space required by other heating systems."

And here's what homeowner Dana Morton has to say about his new Baxi:
"I couldn't believe how small my Baxi is so I decided to put it to the test this past winter. There's no looking back. This is by far the best I've ever had," says Mr. Morton, who has experienced every type of home heating system.

The introduction of higher efficiency and more compact hydronic heating equipment is bringing North America closer to European high acceptance for wall-hung boiler technology. Substantial savings in fuel consumption, utility bills and space make wall-hung boilers such as the Baxi Luna line a compelling choice for both new and retrofit applications.   BAXI Certified Contractors and Service Technicians throughout North America gain 24/7 access to our technical and sales support resources. Product certification is another way we sustain BAXI's global leadership in providing quality, safe and reliable heating solutions.  

The Baxi Luna series of combi boilers and heating-only boilers was introduced in 1978; today, Baxi is producing thousands of units every day at its state-of-the-art production facility for export to more than 70 countries.

Fuel savings
Much smaller than a conventional boiler and fueled by natural gas or propane, the Baxi Luna range of products offers energy-efficient, eco-friendly heating solutions for every situation. A combination home comfort system, Baxi boilers do everything a conventional furnace and separate hot water storage tank do, but with astonishing energy efficiency, cutting fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from 38 to 53% over a conventional heating system. Up to 98% efficient, the fully modulating Baxi boiler can heat a home or office space from 600 to 6,000 sq. ft.

Space saving
Measuring 30 inches high, less than 18 inches wide and under 14 inches deep, the Baxi Luna is no bigger than a small kitchen cupboard and is approved for closet installation, freeing up valuable living space.

The Baxi Luna offers direct vent, sealed combustion, and whisper-quiet operation. It prioritizes to domestic hot water for your comfort.

Our smallest boilers are the Baxi Luna HT 380 and Luna HT 1.33. These two units are identical in all technical respects and both are approved for installation in a closet, with a very small footprint (measuring less than 18" wide by less than 14" deep and about 30" tall). The key difference between them is that the HT 380 is a combi unit - it works both to provide on-demand hot water and central heating - while the HT 1.33 is a boiler for central heating only. Either wallhung boiler will provide your home with energy efficient, environmentally friendly service.  The Baxi Luna Duo-Tec represents an important step forward in tankless boilers for homeowners and property managers alike. Its reliability and versatility combined with amazing energy efficiency make it ideal for a wide variety of applications including residential heating (in-floor, hydro-air or radiator) for every space from small apartments to luxury homes. Its small size may be a less important feature in a 5,000 square foot home, but its might is always appreciated. Duo-Tec is approved for installation in a closet and rated for zero-clearance to combustibles.  

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