A Model of Sustainability
High Point is a living laboratory for the study of
green, mixed-use community redevelopment work.
Seattle Housing Authority officials constantly
welcome public housing specialists from around the
world who seek to glean insights from High Point,
winner of the
Urban Land Institute’s Global
Award of Excellence
for ideas.
We were one of five developers throughout the
world to win the Global Award of Excellence in
I see it as the most gratifying of the 20
awards that High Point has been given over the
past few years,” says Tom Phillips.
The Urban Land Institute sent a team of experts,
including some of the leading development experts
in the country, to examine thoroughly what we
have built.”
The High Point redevelopment has clearly set a
new standard in sustainable green building for
housing authorities, going well beyond Seattle’s
code requirements. It is a pedestrian-friendly
community with ample park space, a senior’s
village, neighborhood center, a new medical/dental
clinic and public library. High Point incorporates
the principle of “new urbanism,” and the latest in
green building techniques.
The design team includes firms that are among the
region’s leaders in sustainable development, and
who share Seattle Housing’s passion for building a
greener, more affordable and more livable
community. The community features an
innovative natural drainage system, and a host of
energy efficient and water conservation solutions,
such as
Baxi Luna,
a combination heating and
domestic hot water wall-hung boiler.
Compact Heating Solution Saves
our architect firm, is a leader in creating
specifications for reduced energy use,” says Tom
Phillips (right photo below). “We relied on them to
recommend the right heating and domestic hot
water solution for our rental units at High Point.
We took their advice, and it was great.”
We recommended the Baxi Luna wall-hung boiler
because it supported all of our green goals,” says
Matt Sullivan
Mithun project manager (l. photo).
It is an elegant, all-in-one, backpack-sized boiler
with tankless hot water capabilities. It generates
fuel use savings while helping us make the most of
space limitations. Clearly, the Baxi Luna heating
solution frees up valuable living space, allowing us
to fit a stackable washer and dryer in the same
closet as the combination central heating and
domestic hot water boiler.”
The Housing Authority is obliged to fix any
mechanical problem within 24 hours. With that
requirement and, above all, the safety and comfort
of its residents in mind, a dedicated team of
maintenance mechanics serves the ongoing needs
of High Point. Each mechanic has earned Baxi
certification, keeping in touch with technicians at
Marathon International
the exclusive distributor
of Baxi products in North America, to optimize
performance of all Baxi boilers installed on the site.
I am impressed that our maintenance mechanics
are very excited about the Baxi Luna. They
understand the appliance and are committed to
fixing any issue in a prompt and conclusive
fashion,” emphasizes Tom Phillips. “We want a
reliable product that works well and is easy to
maintain. The Baxi Luna system has held up,
producing great results for us.”
A case study by Marathon International, Exclusive North American Baxi Distributor — www. wallhungboilers.com