Seattle Housing Authority provides shelter for
low-income citizens a year. An
independent public corporation, it serves as the
developer and property manager of 5,200
conventional public housing units it owns, helping
low-income families. Seattle Housing is
subsidized by property revenues, private
contributions, the
Department of Housing and
Urban Development
and its Hope VI program, as
well as the
Seattle Senior Housing Program
covering 1,000 additional units for seniors and
people with disabilities.
Seattle Housing is a leader in the development of
l ow- impac t , sus ta i nab l e mi xed- i ncome
communities in a dense urban setting, such as
High Point, which is the city’s largest housing site.
The first step in redeveloping High Point was the
demolition of 716 homes built in 1940 as
temporary housing. The new community will be
completed in 2010, and will feature 1,700 homes –
a mix of low-income and market-rate properties.
This is a dream job to be able to create a master-
plan community within the city of Seattle,” says
Tom Phillips
Seattle Housing Authority’s senior
development manager. He joined the Authority in
after advising developers of large, master-
plan communities throughout the nation. “Our
work is never finished with thousands more
families on a waiting list.”
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Seattle Housing Authority’s investment in greener and more affordable housing options has
reaped a dividend of 37 per cent savings in fuel consumption for High Point, its celebrated
mixed-income, master-plan community in West Seattle.
Seattle Housing Authority is building better futures
for 1,700 families
at High Point, a 120-acre master-plan
community— the city’s largest housing site. Seattle Housing was one of five developers in the world to win the
Urban Land Institute's prestigious 2007
Global Award of Excellence.
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