Baxi Commercial Boilers Build Greener Community in Maine

Biddeford City, Maine – In 2005, the City of Biddeford, Maine decided that it was time to update the heating and hot water systems at their local arena, as well as their 110-year-old City Hall and City Theatre. Local business owner Jerry Guertin stepped up to the plate and recommended multiple Baxi Luna commercial boiler systems.

City Council approved the installation of staged Baxi Luna HT 1.65 commercial boilers in each facility. The investment in the greener and more efficient Baxi heating solution paid off immediately, with annual fuel bill reductions of 50% at City Hall and City Theater, and 30% less at the arena. The City also saved $20,000 a year previously needed to maintain the old system. They even noticed that employee absenteeism dropped off dramatically after the high efficiency, environmentally friendly heating systems were installed.

Biddeford City Hall

Facilities manager Phil Radding says that Baxi performance has been excellent: “Our previous monthly oil bills used to be much as $5,000 for City Hall and City Theatre. Our natural gas bill has not exceeded $1,200 over the past six years.”

Compared to alternative heating and hot water systems, Baxi’s proven cost effectiveness and low environmental impact are the answer for those committed to building more efficient, greener communities. Reduced costs at municipal buildings and recreation centers are savings for everyone in the community – not to mention improved efficiency and reliability.