Baxi Success Along the Coast of Maine

A BOAT RIDE along the southern coast of Maine features an impressive parade of homes that Jerry Guertin has made more energy efficient, more affordable and greener with a high efficiency Baxi Luna boiler system. Boasting 1,100 Baxi Luna installations over the past 12 years, the owner of Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating has plenty of Baxi success stories to showcase.

Jerry Guertin

“When I first heard about Baxi Luna, I thought it was inconceivable that an appliance that was no bigger than a small kitchen cabinet could heat an entire home and provide all of the domestic hot water,” Guertin said. “But when I witnessed first-hand how easy it is to install, how it generates enormous fuel and space savings, and how versatile it is for any number of applications, I got hooked on Baxi.” Guertin has visited Baxi’s state-of-the-art Bassano, Italy plant, where the Baxi Luna wallhung series of boilers has been manufactured since 1978.

“I have visited the one million square-foot plant twice, and I was amazed both times at the precision and care that goes into making this leading boiler,” he said. “It is first-class how Baxi spends almost three times longer testing each boiler before it goes to market than it takes to assemble the product.”

Efficient, compact and versatile

Guertin stands by the Baxi Luna HT modulating, condensing models (up to 98% EE) as well as the Luna 3 Comfort non-condensing (up to 89% EE), both of which are ideal for in-floor radiant, baseboard, or with hydronic air handler distribution.

Guertin states he “really likes how this little boiler is so versatile, and it is easy to work with. My Baxi customers feel that the significant space savings are as important as the enormous annual fuel savings this boiler produces.”

The Baxi certified contractor passed the one thousandth Baxi installation mark in 2011 with a new 3,400-square-foot home located at the mouth of the picturesque Kennebunk River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating installed a Baxi Luna HT 380 combination heating and domestic hot water model in a small crawl space, meeting all of the homeowner’s needs for a green, energy efficient and space-saving heating system.

“Baxi is the wallhung boiler that I have come to know and fully appreciate,” noted Guertin. “Our confidence is well founded. Baxi product is well supported and fits in many different situations that require high performance and small space.”

Guertin noted that with technologically advanced appliances, you have to pay attention to every detail of planning, installation and commissioning. Founded 35 years ago, Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating now employs 11 Baxi-trained installers and service technicians, who have all bought into Jerry’s investment in their continuous learning. They also keep ample on-hand inventory of Baxi parts and accessories.

One of Guertin’s first Baxi projects was for builder-developer Bob Satter, who together with his partner Ron Murro has built more than 10,000 homes throughout the United States. Satter first chose the Baxi Luna combination boiler for his 44-unit Village Condos project in Wells, Maine, and then at nearby Forest Village.

“All of our homeowners are happy with Baxi performance, and we have not had one single complaint over the past six years,” said Bob Satter, who recently got Guertin to install a Baxi in his own new home. “Baxi is a great product, and Jerry does fantastic work. He is knowledgeable, conscientious and hard working, and stands behind his work. That’s why he is right at the top of my list of subcontractors.”