Seasoned contracting firm owner high on problem-free Baxi gas boiler

As co-owner of a thriving Long Island plumbing and heating contracting firm, Mike Scott attributes the firm’s “no call-backs” equipment installation focus as a key to the continuing success of Seaford Avenue Corporation (SAC), based in Massapequa, N.Y.

Scott and his business partner of 20 years, George Luksch, only commit to proven and reliable equipment that minimize callbacks for the Massapequa firm’s 30 licensed employees in the field.

“That is why we recommend Baxi wallhung boilers to our customers,” Scott said. “Baxi boilers are high quality, well-priced, beyond easy to install and maintain, and problem-free.”

NYC and Long Island Baxi Representative Dellon Sales introduced Baxi heating solutions to SAC management two and a half years ago. With Baxi training, certification and plenty of hands-on experience, SAC employees have become increasingly competent and confident with Baxi wall-hung boilers for their customers and their own personal use.

“While we have not experienced any problems with any Baxi job, the large digital display on the front the boiler will reveal any error code, telling us precisely what the problem is and how to address it,” Scott noted. “Plus, we know that Dellon Sales and the factory technical support people always have our back. Let’s face it, after-sales support is critically important for building trust, confidence and referrals.”

A leading heating products manufacturer in Europe since 1866, Baxi manufactures 4,000 boilers a day at its Bassano, Italy plant for export to 80 countries. All Baxi gas-fired boilers exported to North America pass extensive factory testing, and are sold through authorized regional distributors to qualified heating and plumbing contractors who have been trained and certified on Baxi equipment.

The Baxi Luna Duo-Tec condensing series achieves up to 98 percent energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 percent. A packaged boiler, it comes with a two-speed circulation pump, expansion tank, auto bypass, 24-volt relay and a multitude of other built-in CSA-approved high performance and safety components. It produces 3.9 gpm of domestic hot water, and features a pre-heat function that eliminates a cold water sandwich.

The boiler features a 7:1 modulation ratio down to 19,108 BTU/hr, automatic de-aeration at start of commissioning, as well as new gasadaptive and continuous self-calibrating advances that ensure sustainable high performance throughout the life of the appliance. Precision commissioning of the Energy Star wall-hung boiler involves pressing two buttons on the backlit controller built into the front panel. The controller will capture up to 10 past error codes making trouble shooting easier. Plus, a built-in memory stick saves the original parameter settings, facilitating any future printed circuit board changeout.

“We service the majority of equipment we put in,” Scott said. “Both side panels of the boiler come off, making servicing easier than any other boiler we have tried before. All in all, Baxi is just a natural choice for us to recommend, especially for oil to gas conversions.”

Having a positive personal use experience is another important touchstone for a heating contractor's recommendation, according to Scott, who has a high-efficiency Baxi system in his own home. So, when SAC received a sales lead from Dellon Sales of a Port Washington homeowner looking to convert from oil to natural gas last fall, Scott was delighted to draw on his first-hand Baxi experience and recommend the Baxi Luna Duo-Tec combination heating and domestic hot water boiler.

Scott ranks no callbacks, proven and reliable equipment, and aftersales technical support highly when recommending the Baxi wall-hung boiler. However, his customer, Bobby Brown, cites energy cost savings, freed up living space and home comfort improvement at the top of his Baxi satisfaction list.

After putting up with a “noisy and smelly” oil boiler for 26 years, Brown decided last fall to upgrade his 2,100-square-foot home’s heating system with a Baxi high efficiency gas wall-hung boiler. He said he will never look back — except to reference previous oil bills when measuring the substantial savings generated by his new Baxi gas boiler system.

Brown was delighted to hear from Baxi-certified Installer Joe Planker, a 10-year employee of SAC, that the high efficiency boiler would save him lots of money, free up valuable living space and reduce emissions dramatically. But, Brown never expected to see the huge cost savings that he is now enjoying. “My National Grid gas costs will total less than $1,500 for the first year, or 70 percent less than the $5,064 I paid for oil over the previous 12 months period,” Brown said. “That’s an incredible savings, especially when you consider the cold winter we endured last winter.”

The kitchen cabinet-sized Baxi Luna Duo-Tec combi boiler supplies the heating for two zones and on-demand domestic hot water for the household, including three bathrooms (one with a dual-head shower). SAC plumbing and heating installed Brown’s Baxi boiler on an outside wall, three feet off the floor — making it an ideal green heating appliance for homes and businesses in flood-prone regions.

“With projected after-tax savings of $3,500 a year, our Baxi investment will be paid off well within three years,” Brown noted. “My wife and I really appreciate the savings, but we also value our vastly improved home comfort made possible by this quiet and reliable gas heating appliance.”

Brown does not miss being awakened in the middle of the night by a noisy oil boiler, and he certainly does not miss receiving a monthly oil bill. Now, he sleeps better and actually looks forward to opening his gas bills, which average $127 a month.

“ I don’t remember ever inviting a house guest to check out our former boiler room. Now, we showcase our Baxi for any newcomer to our home, and the boiler room has spruced up and is my man cave,” Brown said with a chuckle. “People are always impressed by our 70 percent savings and the sleek look of the boiler. Plus, it’s nice to be able to say that we are far more environmentally responsible.”

Brown added, “Looking back at our positive, problem-free Baxi experience, I wish we had converted from oil to natural gas a lot earlier. Wall-hung gas boilers are ideal for the times, putting money back in my wallet where it belongs.”

Scott said that the Baxi boiler helped his customer reclaim 100 square-feet of valuable living space, noting that the media real estate price is in the $350 per-squarefoot range in this area of Nassau Country.

“Everyone was happy, and that’s what we always strive to accomplish,” Scott said. “There was no callback on this job, the boiler is performing flawlessly, and the homeowner has saved more than 70 percent on his utility bills, while freeing up valuable living space. It simply doesn’t get much better than this.”